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Strategy Game 'Mondego Defensive Line'

'Alvazil' is a strategy game drawing on the wealth of medieval history of the Network: the frontier territory and the defensive line between civilizations that have influenced and enriched each other, leading to innovative discovery in the area of video games by exploiting cooperation between players; trying to create an online community of multiple players who can be part of this story.
Unlike other games in the genre, the focus will not be in confrontation between factions, exploring the mastery of the player at arms and medieval warfare arts, but rather in a collaborative system encompassing different scenarios of social organization and territory expansion.
We are invited to be part of this game, firstly responsible for a land, after integrating the territory of a castle and finally part of the defensive line of the Mondego, through it dicovering the advantages and disadvantages in working together for individual and collective survival.
Pre-registration is available for one month at the url alvazil.pt. Online launch will be in November. Until then, the Pioneers who pre-register will receive an invitation to be the first to play! Accept this challenge to reconquer with us!

The Network strategy game ALVAZIL. Do not miss it! Sign up at www.alvazil.pt

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