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The Strategic Program it was created around a project's portfolio promoted by different entities.

Each one of the counties leads the enhancement project of the monument under its safeguards, under the supervision of the Direção Regional de Cultura do Centro.


Intervention designed within the Network

Alto do Calvário –
Miranda do Corvo

Requalification of Alto do Calvário and surroundings.
Cleaning and renovation of the tank to accommodate small exhibition core.
Renovation of the bell tower, conservation of rock necropolis and creating conditions for observation.
Conservation and Restoration of altars and its collection in the main church.

Lousã Castle

Archaeological excavations at Cisterna and parade ground.
Consolidation of the roof of the keep.
Improvement of conditions on the way round the Castle (footbridge and stairwells).


Renovation of the surroundings of the Castle of Montemor-o-Velho adjacent to the path of Santo António which includes work lighting, landscaping, creating a pedestrian space, renovation of the chapel of St. António and the Church of Santa Maria Madalena.

Penela Castle

East lighting of castle walls.
Creating a fitness circuit on the hillside.

Pombal Castle

Renovation inside the Castle, including improving access and creating a hosting station with access to the Manueline window.
Renovation to the clock tower.
Children's movie production about the Al Pal Omar Legend.
Film dedicated to the history of the Castle.

Soure Castle

Archaeology work development.
Creation of Centro de Interpretação do Castelo de Soure.
Renovation of the municipal museum.

Buarcos Fort

Buarcos Fort walls and bastions recovery.
Improvements on Rua 5 de Octubro.

Coimbra Towers and Walls

Anto Tower renovation for installation of Guitar and Fado from Coimbra House Museum.
Renovation of the wall between the Almedina Tower and the Anto Tower.
Rehabilitation of the freed section of the wall on the breastplate of Lisbon.

The Entidade Regional de Turismo do Centro de Portugal led the work to develop the Marketing Plan and Territorial Branding of Castles and Town Walls of the Mondego Network.

The Instituto Pedro Nunes is developing the E-GUIDE, an application that combines new technologies to enhance the enjoyment of the territories.

The Universidade de Coimbra is co-executor in the production of historical content for the network.

In essence, we aim to improve the condition of monuments, sited in an area with greater opportunities for creative and economic empowerment. Therefore, under the QREN, the Agency is responsible for launching training initiatives and network projects that include the implementation and development of the following:

  • Website development;
  • Cross-city travel itineraries and circuits;
  • Network promotional film development;
  • Children's animated film and supplementary publication;
  • Multi-lingual audio-guides;
  • Signage;
  • Development of virtual equipment for interpreting the monuments;
  • Strategic game about the defensive line of the Mondego;
  • Medieval glossary;
  • Tourist tracking system.

As a custodian and promoter of medieval heritage, we are also working on cultural entrepreneurship. The importance of the Network stems from the opportunities that we intend to generate in the area. We intend to create a unique product that contributes to boosting the local economic base. Thus, through another operation, we are working in the following areas:

  • Creating a Guide to Support Cultural Entrepreneurship and respective website;
  • Development of four workshops about cultural entrepreneurship to create meeting opportunities;
  • Creation of three meetings of matching: entrepreneur-investor;
  • Launch of artistic events of historical interpretation, like CASPIRRO 2012;
  • Creating an artistic event recreating the defensive line of the Mondego.

Currently, in addition to co-financed projects, the Action Plan partners are involved in a number of community involvement and revitalization initiatives, which have generated relationships between people and agencies, consolidating forms of joint action in the Network. See our community projects and events and follow us!

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