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The alliance of the Defensive Line of the Mondego was reinstated in May 2010, when thirteen groups sat at the same table and signed the Pact for Competitiveness and Urban Innovation, to fulfill a common strategic program submitted under the More Centre Applications, Axis 2 - Cities Policy Program - Urban Networks for Competitiveness and Innovation Framework (QREN 2007-2013).

The application, approved in December 2010, was based in a Strategic Program with a budget of € 10 million as an initial investment.

Following a meeting in 2010, the partners realised that, due to the specialized nature of the project, an opportunity had arisen to create a new network to serve as a structural body of management and organization.

Thus, in February 2011, the Agency for the Development of Castles and Town Walls of the Mondego Network (ADCTMN) was created. It is a private non-profit association whose purpose is to promote cultural, touristic and economic development of the Urban Network as the collective custodian of medieval heritage in the Mondego region. (Article 2. º, Chapter I, Articles of Association).

The territory includes the counties of Coimbra, Figueira da Foz, Lousã, Miranda do Corvo, Montemor-o-Velho, Penela, Pombal and Soure.

The Agency will monitor all individual proposals of its partners, promoting Network schemes and fostering cooperation in cultural, identity, social and economic development projects.

According to the Articles of the Association, the functions of the Agency are (Article 3.º) :
  • Design and develop tourist products
  • Promoting actions for recovery of heritage
  • Implement training and international projection of the territory activities
  • Encourage cultural Entertainment Network activities
  • Create a platform for regional cooperation between local authorities and between public and private agents capable of enhancing resources and fostering local economic and social development
  • Providing a forum for the coordination of efforts and consultation strategies that maximize synergies, on the composition of supply and territorial preservation and enhancement
  • Defend and value the medieval heritage of the covered area, promoting urban renewal plans, technical reports, etc.
  • Participate, create or manage projects in accordance with its objective, by itself or in cooperation with other related entities
  • To contribute to diversification and stimulate economic activity, particularly with regards to tourism
  • To Provide services to respond directly, or through external consultants, to our partners in order to fulfill its aims.

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